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New! -Cambodian Bounty Project-

Angkor Tea & Blue Butterfly - Luxurious Souvenir Series have been launched in 2019. Click the Youtube link on the right to watch the World Most Beautiful Photogenic Tea turning its color from blue to purple. For more detail, check Cambodian Bounty Project Site!



Herbal Products
We carefully hand-pick and sun-dry our wild craft, chemical free and/or organic herbs; that have been provided to us by Cambodia's nature.



Fruits Probiotics & Enzyme
Our Fruit Probiotics are infused with Cambodian palm juice and local fruit. Enzyme Syrups are also made from local fruit.

We Create Unique, Healthy & Tasty Products

Our Company

Roselle Stones Khmer - delivering Cambodian's natural bounty to the world

Roselle Stones Khmer Co., Ltd.

Roselle Stones Khmer Co., Ltd. is a Cambodian registered company, that includes made-in-Cambodia herbal products brand "Demeter" and Fruits Vinegar and Enzyme products brand "Sucoo".
It was established by two Japanese nationals whose aim is to promote nature's bounty from Cambodia to the world.
We create our products together with a variety of partners who love Cambodia. We also partner with young agricultural entrepreneurs; and is of key importance to us.

Michie Nishiguchi

Managing Director

Tadanori Takada



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Our office is closed on Sundays and Cambodian Public Holidays. We sometimes close the office due to outside promotional events. Please contact us beforehand if you plan to visit us. Thank you.